We have been offering web design & web hosting services since September 4th, 2011, the day that this domain was originally registered. We are dedicated to serving the customers of Indiana & are proud to work with local Hoosiers.

What is a Hoosier anyway?

Web Design, Web Hosting, & Technical Assistance Services For Businesses in Indiana

Web Design

Indiana Designer uses local web designers in the Indiana to offer website design services. Working with a local company is important because proximity matters. Research has shown that if you invest your dollars locally, your surrounding community will continue to grow.

We will work with you on a new website design or we can use what you already have in place and make it better.

Contact us today if you want some who will listen to your needs & then work with you to help you understand not only what the choices are that you should make for a new website or web hosting but also how these things are tied together & how they work.

Web Hosting

  • cPanel Business web hosting – a dedicated control panel for your website domain
  • Redundant & Reliable Customer Support – We have partnered with one of the best data centers in the Midwest to ensure top performance.
  • SPAM filters & network management to mitigate bots and spammers from sending junk through your email
  • Full access to File Manager including account backup. Easily download a backup of your website for peace of mind!
  • WordPress Installer – Easily get WordPress up and running. Our server is optimized to help WordPress run smoothly.
  • Automatic updates enabled for WordPress core, plugins, & themes for easy management.

You can choose your web hosting services from many different companies, however, what happens when something goes wrong?

If there are any issues with your website, email, or domain, our customer support will help you right away. We will work with you to understand & address any issues that may arise.

Don’t just buy the cheapest web hosting option!

We’d love ❤️ to hear from you!

Please contact us today.